Typewriter Art Exhibition

Theme: Reviving the Past, Connecting the Future
Exhibition Date: 1-9 July
Opening: 3-530pm on 1 July 2017
Venue: Good Co, Bon Estate, Bangsar.

Curator's aspiration:-

The world lost Paul Smith at the age of 85, but not before several generations had an opportunity to admire his distinct and intricate gallery of art. Known worldwide as the “Typewriter Artist,” Paul Smith’s story spans eight decades, seven in which he created typewriter art. Having a severe case of spastic Cerebral Palsy that affected his speech, his mobility, and his fine motor coordination, Paul’s life began when opportunities were limited.

Paul’s images, perhaps surprisingly, were created using only a handful of symbol keys – !, @, #, %, ^, _, (, &, ) – which were accessible along the top row of his typewriter keyboard. Remarkably, when a person considers that manual typewriters required the ribbons to be positioned, the roller to be adjusted, and the paper to be secured, typewriters, of that era, left no room for error since erasing mistaken keystrokes was not a clean option. In this era of disposal consumption and “redo or undo”, this typewriter art for me is something appears to be more treasonous.

Today, we see individuals with disabilities participating in the arts in ways Paul could likely not imagine. Computers and software technologies have long replaced typewriters. They have opened new avenues for art, photography, filmmaking, and design. Technological tools are available today that have levelled the playing field for artists, no matter what their physical abilities are. Today, not many young people would recognize nor would realize the monotonous sound of the typewriter ring as he neared the right margin. It’s a lesson that many people take pride to acknowledge – sometimes, a low-tech approach can yield beautiful results. Generations, can still be intrigued by the hands of those who are no longer with us, raised in different times.

Since we can now place type on pages and screens with no effort or mess, one might think one could easily reproduce the aesthetic of these manually-produced typewriter artworks in a program like Microsoft Word. It’s all just proto-ASCII art, right? But the appeal of these images often comes from their messy, analog nature. It’s their imperfection; their mechanical imperfection, carefully mixed with human sensibilities and grit.

Last but not least, it's merely about revive typewriter as past technology in this era of disposable, be it objects, material or relationship etc. Something done can't be undone.

Exhibited artists:-
Angel Wong
Dhyannah Low
Ho Yoon See
Low Pey Sien
Sophia Chang
Sat Jul 1, 2017
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM MYT
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The Good Co.
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184 Jalan Maarof Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Malaysia
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